What we offer

  • Industry expertise
  • A modern flexible solution featuring single data formatting
  • Easy integration with existing third party systems
  • Easy adjustability to airlines’ business rules
  • Compatibility with major DCS and GDS
  • Strong customer support: 24х7 Help Desk & European data center
  • Reasonable pricing

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Benefits & features


  • Leonardo PSS uses a collection of business rules to encode behavior and response of the system to a specific set of business processes and events.
  • With Leonardo PSS airlines define appropriate marketing strategies to operate in various markets and to build competitive business partnerships.
  • Business Process Intelligence of Leonardo PSS allows airlines to implement different strategies to cope successfully with competition and to increase customer satisfaction through improved service quality.
  • The well thought out concept of business process management and precise configuration of Leonardo PSS provide airlines with a 'smart' tool to build its own unique business model.
  • Leonardo PSS industry standards compliance guarantees business continuity and stability.
  • The system's cutting edge IT platform and modular architecture can be adjusted accordingly to match the requirements of airlines.
  • Aggressive implementation schedules support helps to reduce the time-to-market.
  • The system's code sharing capability allows airlines to build alliances effectively with carriers.
  • Very competitive and flexible pricing policy depends on the set of selected modules; dynamic services packaging account for considerable costs saving.
  • High level of management process automation allows to reduce personnel overheads thus lowering the TCO.
  • Cost structure is transparent to our clients, no hidden costs.


  • ET (E-Ticket) technology support and ancillary sales with EMD Electronic Miscellaneous Documents issuing.
  • High level of business rules automation from a manual to fully automated setup.
  • Functionality of interline as well as code-share agreements and GDS links.
  • Convenient GUI (Graphical User Interface) with a content-sensitive help system.
  • Universal components compliance with IATA standards, IATA Simplifying-The-Business (StB) program, NDC standards and BSP certification.
  • Re-accommodation functionality to any flight/date(s). AIRIMP-compliant ASC (advice of schedule change) messaging with UN or UN/TK action codes. Re-accommodation and overbooking support.
  • Interlinked system processes: any change to a business rule is accompanied by automated changes across all related processes with personnel notification.
  • Changes preview feature for full control over data modification, status changes and resulting modifications to related objects (flights) involved.
  • Intellectual queue filtering techniques for simplified queue processing.
  • Support for three advanced calculation algorithms for seats allocation.

Leonardo PSS principles


System includes a perfectly sufficient IT-product line providing determination of certain business tasks. It doesn’t matter what is in sales, inventory management, management information or passenger information.


Our system has been built to enable airlines use different IT products from different carriers. Application of standard industry protocols (of cross-system coupling) provides unmatched interaction of different IT system components.


Leonardo PSS modules feature all the necessary integration between each other which significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to implement new system components into an airline’s activities.


System composition as well as integration offers application of very complex approaches to solutions of airline business tasks. Introducing new system modules doesn’t increase functionality only but also increases productivity.


Different business strategies, tariff policies and control modes can be used simultaneously in different markets allowing variability of management.


This simply refers to the flexibility of management which gives an opportunity for implementing different business strategies as well as tariff policies in different markets as well as the opportunity to apply different management methods ranging from manual to fully automated methods.

Migration and support

Migration and support

We have a team of highly trained and experienced migration and support staff who offer training and professional consulting services to airlines as well as custom system modules to fit specific airline business processes and 3rd party IT product integration needs. Our migration and support team offers;

Smooth airline migration

Aggressive timeline implementation based on experience and proven methodology and supported by a detailed migration plan

Fast marketing across sales channels

A content sensitive help/support system integrated in each system component

24/7 customer support during and after migration phases

Professional training and consulting services on every production and migration stage

Leonardo passenger-centric approach

  • Check-In
  • Seat Choice
  • Baggage Chek-In
  • Ancillary Services
  • Vip-Lounge
  • Boarding
  • Discounts
  • Additional services
  • Seat Choice
  • Rules and rates
  • Waiting list
  • Payment
  • Electronic receipt
  • Exchange
  • Refund
  • Information On Flight
  • Information on destination
  • Seat choice
  • Additional services
  • Informing
  • Reminding
  • Check-in
  • Seat choice
  • Baggage check-in
  • Ancillary services
  • VIP-Lounge
  • Boarding
  • Information on flight
  • In-flight service
  • On-board Sales
  • Arrival and transfer information
  • Information on arrival
  • Service at the airport
  • Baggage claim
  • Transfer
  • Local transport
  • VIP-lounge
  • Service Offering
  • Client Satisfaction assessment
  • Loyalty Program
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Leonardo PSS components

Core systems

Inventory and schedule

Leonardo PSS offers next generation inventory & schedule management technologies offering unmatched levels of automation for many standard business processes allowing for quicker marketing, more aggressive migration schedules and higher airline profitability.

Reservation system

Leonardo PSS reservation solutions allow airlines to optimize revenue and maximize bookings via all distribution channels by offering easy tools for making reservations with ancillary services.

Fares and pricing

Fares&pricing solutions are specially designed in accordance to IATA/ATPCO industry standards offering airlines the freedom to choose using Internal Fare database, SITA and ATPCO database.

Revenue integrity

A revenue integrity solution allows airlines to maximize projected revenues and minimize/avoid revenue losses. The main aim of the Leonardo PSS is regulating the number of low-fare bookings which has an overall negative impact on airline profitability.


Ticketing solutions offer airlines ticketing management functions which include; setting and controlling paper, electronic ticket output as well as EMD issuing for ancillary service sales and updates.

Statistics and analytics

The statistics solution offers airlines as well as travel agencies all statistical data on reservations and sales. The RET file format which is 100% IATA/BSP/ARC/TCH standards compliant is utilized. Statistical data in booked segments made via GDS is provided. HTML/Excel export is supported.

Integrated and standalone solutions


Leonardo DCS solutions allow airlines/carriers to automate airport processes such as departures, passenger check-ins (including web check-Ins & self-service check-Ins) as well as post-departure supervision.


Leonardo E-commerce solution offers airlines the ability to increase online sales via configurable web booking engines, mobile applications and search tools.

Web services gateway

Web services gateway offers airlines as well as travel agencies with XML- Gate & XML-protocols for developing their own unique web engines for offering online sales services using Sirena-Travel GDS content.

Payment solution

Leonardo payments acts as a payment gateway for processing as well as verifying payment transactions through secure internet connections. The payment solution supports all major credit cards from Visa to MasterCard, Amex, etc. The payment solution also supports online payments via self-service kiosks and banking terminals. The payment solution is PCI DSS certified and based on a 3D secure protocol.

Messaging solution

The Leonardo messaging solution offers information about changes such as cancelled and delayed flights, flight number changes, re-routing (departure/arrival) changes etc. Depending on the type of clients’ contacts stored, solutions are sent via text or email in real-time.


The Leonardo Revenue Management (RMS) System solution allows carriers to maximize flight sales via best protection level calculations, enabling the creation of specific airline sales scenarios and optimizing segment capacity allocations on multi-segment flights. The RMS system allows airlines to offer passengers with the best product/s at the right time.


The Loyalty solution offers airlines with crucial loyalty management functions for attracting new customers and retaining old customers which eventually results in additional revenues.


CRM enables airlines to manage customer relations perfectly which optimizes customer loyalty and overall revenues. CRM offers airlines with vital customer information which helps airlines understand the needs and experiences of their clients better which in turn allows better selection of tactics aimed at acquiring, developing as well as retaining customers with better precision.


Leonardo Mycharter offers airlines as well as travel agencies with effective integrated B2B solutions allowing instant E-ticketing for passengers. GUI (graphical user interface) allows travel agents to make reservations as well as issue ET easily without the need for any special training.

Weight & balance

The Weight & Balance solution helps ground handlers and airlines to improve productivity via load planning tools with graphical user interfaces, assist safe loading and aircraft dispatch as well as calculating fuel efficiency.

Agency management

The Leonardo Agency Management System has been specially designed to offer IT support for all services offered by travel agencies as well as their customer network including resource management and access management for corporate clients and sub-agents.

Crew management

Leonardo Crew management System allows airlines to manage their crew, manage operating costs as well as support crew planning/operations/services.

Security level access

The Security Level Access System has been specially designed to offer IT support for all services offered by travel agencies as well as their customer network including resource management and access management for corporate clients and sub-agents.

Standard reference

Standards Reference Database. This solution is a specific structured data set used throughout the entire system as well as airline database for specific needs.

About the team

We are a passionate team of experts working on Leonardo PSS continuous improvement and involved in integration and customer migration projects.

Significant industry and management experience in all aspects of passenger airlines operations.

The complete team - system architects, business analysts, project managers, SMEs, software engineers, testers, QA and information security engineers, systems administrators, and technical support engineer – all work tirelessly to envision, plan and build the innovative passenger service system using cutting edge technologies and aiming to help airlines gain new market share and sustain profitability.

We are proud of our people:

  • Our business analysts and technologists have over 15 years experience in the industry.
  • Leonardo architects and software engineers have unrivalled expertise in creating massive travel, transportation and ecommerce systems.
  • Our systems administrators and technical support engineers have many years of experience in operating and maintaining multi-user information systems.